pregnant woman afraid of giving birth

Giving birth can seem intimidating, especially when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Confidence and a sense of ease can come with more knowledge and preparation about the birthing process.

Keep reading to learn ways to lessen some of your current fears. You are stronger than you know.

Become Informed About the Birth Process

Sometimes, fear and anxiety are based on the unknowns and the many birthing questions you have. Get answers from your OB-GYN, midwife, or doula. Talk with friends or family who have had a recently given birth.

Though the word birth can seem scary, you don’t truly know how capable you are until it’s done.

Know How to Prepare

One key to working through some of your birthing fears is preparation. Though you simply can’t control some things, you can control what you do right now.

Preparing mentally and physically is key for a smoother birth experience. For medical advice, be sure to consult your doctor. Talk to your OB-GYN, doula, or midwife for advice on birthing.

Learning breathing techniques and pain management methods or doing certain stretches and exercises can go a long way to prepare you.

Our No-Cost Classes

At Next Step, we offer no-cost educational classes that apply to real life. These courses range from pregnancy and childbirth to life skills and more. They can be completed at Next Step or virtually.

If you do choose to parent, taking advantage of these courses will earn points toward the items we offer in our Nursery Nook. Gain new skills while earning items that you will need to prepare for your little one’s arrival.

Schedule a no-cost appointment today for pregnancy services, birthing information, and pregnancy options education. You are not alone as you navigate an unplanned pregnancy.

We’re here to walk with you so you can make an informed decision for your future.

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