Could You Parent?

Many women immediately doubt their ability to raise a child when a pregnancy test shows a positive line. The idea of another life being so dependent on you is hugely intimidating.

So many questions might be adding to your hesitancy:

  • Can I finish school?
  • Can I still have the career I want?
  • What will my parents think?
  • Will my partner want to parent with me?

We want to help you answer all your questions so you don’t have to make a decision based on fear. Let’s take the time to work through your doubts, and you might find that parenting is the best fit for you.


You might wonder how you will be able to support your child if you choose to parent. We can help.

Let’s be honest; babies need a lot of things. Diapers, clothing, blankies… etc. The costs can certainly add up, but we offer many of these items to women participating in our education program at Next Step. Earn points toward supplies you will need for your baby.

Our client advocates can also help you understand what community and government resources will be available to you. We can provide information on these programs and answer any questions you might have.


Your reservations about your ability to parent may be based on your inexperience. If you haven’t been around a lot of babies, the thought of parenting might not just be scary; it can seem impossible. Because of this, we offer many opportunities to grow your knowledge in this area. We offer birthing and breastfeeding classes so you can feel prepared when the time comes.

Through the BrightCourse curriculum, we also offer pregnancy, birth, and parenting classes to get you started. Also available are courses on life skills like mental health, finances, and finding a job, among many other topics.

We have classes for men, too! Our fatherhood course can give men the foundation they need to parent confidently.