Could Adoption Be Right for You?

There is no doubt that adoption is a challenging decision, but many women choose adoption when they don’t feel that abortion is the best choice for them, but they are also not ready to parent. Adoption gives you the knowledge that your child is being raised in a loving home.

Today’s adoptions look different than in the past. Birth mothers are now given the option to choose the adoptive family.

There are three types of adoption plans to choose from.

Open adoption: Choosing an open adoption plan means that you will have the ability to work with the adoptive family that you choose to develop a communication plan. Communication in an open adoption can look like phone calls, photo updates, or even visits with your child and their family. Women choose open adoption for reasons like:

  • They want to know their child is safe and cared for
  • They want their child to learn about their heritage
  • They want their child to understand why they chose to place them for adoption

Semi-open adoption: Adoption plans that are semi-open are an excellent option for birth mothers who want communication with their child and the adoptive family but doesn’t feel comfortable with close contact for whatever reason. Contact in a semi-open adoption usually occurs through a third party like the adoption agency or an adoption attorney. Identities of the adoptive family and the birth mother remain confidential.

Closed adoption: If you want to remain anonymous and do not want any communication with your child and their family, consider a closed adoption. In a closed adoption, you can anonymously share your medical history with the family through the adoption agency, but neither party will share identifying information.

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The reasons a woman feels unable to parent her child are unique and personal. If you feel like adoption might be right for you, please contact us. We can give you more information on your adoption choices and connect you with the right resources.