Our program is not just about Next Step serving clients. Our program is a focus on service excellence for clients and a complete continuum of care. When a client comes to Next Step and participates in the Bright Course Learn to Earn program, they earn points for coming to you and staying compliant with the care you are providing. So, whether you are an OB office, pediatrician office, a provider of Social Services, a Home Visiting program or an insurance provider, we at Next Step reward our clients for being compliant with all services in their lives.

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Educate, Empower & Equip

For Healthy Relationships & Sexual Integrity

Relationships are at the core of human experience.

Foundational concepts for students to build and maintain successful relationships at all stages of life, implementing key components of value, respect, communication and compassion.

Since 2001, Next Step CHOICES has served our community and schools in Clarion County and surrounding areas. Next Step CHOICES does not have income guidelines or county restrictions. All programs and events are free of charge.

Areas we’ve served

  • A-C Valley H.S.
  • Brookville H.S. & 6th grade
  • Clarion H.S. Clarion-Limestone H.S. & 6th grade
  • Cranberry H.S.
  • Keystone H.S.
  • Punxsutawney Middle School
  • Redbank Valley H.S.
  • Union H.S.
  • Upward Bound (CUP) Girls Scouts Independent Living Students
  • Boys and Girls Club

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For more details or to schedule a program, call:

email: choices@knowyournextstep.com