woman curious if she can buy the abortion pill online

The short answer is, “Yes, you can buy the abortion pill online.” The real question is, “Should I?” Just like other products you buy online that arrive looking nothing like what you ordered, there is a chance of obtaining the abortion pill drugs online and not receiving the actual product. 

You should take extra precautions any time you purchase drugs online.

How Will I Know If I Get the Correct Drugs?

The FDA has tips for recognizing if an online pharmacy site is safe or unsafe. The following is a list of the warning signs of a dangerous website:

  • It does not require a doctor’s prescription
  • Is not licensed in the United States and by your state board of pharmacy
  • It does not have a licensed pharmacist on staff to answer your questions
  • It sends medicine that looks different than what you receive at your local pharmacy or arrives in broken or damaged packaging, in a foreign language, has no expiration date, or is expired
  • It offers deep discounts or prices that seem too good to be true
  • It charges you for products you never ordered or received
  • It does not provide explicit written protections for your personal and financial information, or it sells information to other websites

Because of the possibility of phony drug sites, the FDA recommends not buying the drugs for a medication abortion online.

Is it Safe to Take the Abortion Pill at Home?

Abortion providers say the drugs are safe, but when ordered through the mail and taken at home, you do not have the direct oversight of a physician. You need a provider to assist you if there is too much bleeding or cramping.

The abortion pill drugs become less effective the further along you are in your pregnancy. Before ordering the drugs, it is vital to have an ultrasound. An ultrasound determines how far along you are, the location of your pregnancy, and if your pregnancy is viable (growing). 

One in four pregnancies ends in a natural miscarriage. Since it is possible to get a positive pregnancy test result days or weeks following a miscarriage, you need an ultrasound to reveal if your pregnancy is developing.

To learn more about the safety of an online or at-home abortion, read “Is an Online Abortion or At-Home Abortion Safe?

How Can Next Step Assist Me?

Although we do not provide or refer for abortion, we can give you essential information about abortion procedures, side effects, and potential physical and emotional risks. We also offer ultrasound referrals. 

Fill out our confidential online contact form to set up a no-cost appointment. Before you order drugs online, come to us first for your next step.

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